Freelance WordPress Developer

Based in West Sussex, near Worthing and Littlehampton

WordPress web design and web development in Sussex, I develop and design websites that are SEO friendly, clean and responsive and work across all browsers and and devices. I can take your project from the initial design through the complete project life cycle.

Freelance Website Developer

This offers you better value for money and more personalised service than some larger agencies. I work on one project at a time so you get my full attention.


WordPress are great to manage and edit content on the site for you and your customers. Over 43% of the web is powered by the content management system (CMS) from WordPress, making it the world’s most popular CMS software.

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Freelance WordPress Developer

Bootstrap, HTML and CSS & PHP together with WordPress are used to create bespoke responsive themes.


CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first


Content management system (CMS)


Server-side scripting language used for web development.


Markup language for creating Web pages


Used to style and layout web pages


Code that's easy to read, maintain, understand

Your Wordpress Website Options

Generic WordPress Template Theme and Bespoke WordPress Template Theme

Template theme

Firstly the template option. Your site is created using a pre-designed template which has already been created to supply as many users as possible the options needed to facilitate their potential site requirements. It is a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


Main advantage it is initially more affordable, however it does have disadvantages as it loads all the template options whether you need it or not so it can lead to slow load times and you are limited by the template design.

Bespoke theme

Secondly the Bespoke theme option.A WordPress custom site is tailored from the very beginning for your business.

Advantages of a Bespoke Theme

This is not restricted by any template and often includes more in depth search engine optimisation (SEO) so your site can be found. Cleaner and quicker load speeds of your site as it is not having to include sections which are not relevant. I can create a clean responsive website for you which will grow with your business.

Wordpress Freelance Developer

Helpful Initial Web Design Steps for your Website

initial Concept

Firstly – It’s important to start by understanding who you are wanting your website  designed for. What market are you targeting and take some time to understand the demographic of that market.

Design Process

Use this as the building bricks to create the ‘bones’ for your site. The site needs to be easy for the end user to understand and navigate around. keep them as the main focus.


Finally – Once you understand what you need to make your site effective it is easier to make an informed decision on which way to go Bespoke or Template WordPress Site.

Bluewaterbytes | website design

Services we offer for your website

BlueWaterBytes is based in West Sussex near Worthing and littlehampton.
I have many years of experience in different fields of IT. The WordPress content management system (CMS) is used to power all of the websites I create.
This means no expensive upgrades and also makes it easy to maintain.
If needed I do offer care packages to maintain your site for you.

WordPress is the worlds most popular CMS for a reason. You get the reassurance that you know that your site will be fast, secure, reliable and able to be flexible to grow with your business. It is the most important investment in your business that you will make.

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